The Love Revolution

I’m back from five days in Dublin. And my head is filled with some thoughtfulness and wisdom from the best brains our sector offers. Beate Sorum, Rory Green, Tom Ahern, Ken Burnett, Jen Love, Simone Joyaux, Damian O’Broin, Mark Phillips, Simon Scriver… One idea that is sticking is the concept of a sector-wide revolution. A…


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I’ve been meaning to do this since our #DonorLove Rendezvous in May. And now that it’s road trip season, I’m calling on all you fabulous fundraisers to help build the ultimate #donorloveplaylist! Here’s a start. Please, comment and/or tweet to add your faves. Let’s make beautiful #donorlove inspired music together! Note: just like good direct…


Hello I am Your Worst Nightmare Nametag Sticker


I wasn’t going to share this example of a horrendous email from a charity but just couldn’t resist. I share it because I CARE. I have blurred out the name of the offending charity. This is an example of what happens when marketing folks are in charge of your communications to donors. NOT ALL marketing comms folk make the mistakes…



Data Doesn’t Lie

Data doesn’t lie. But it also doesn’t feel. We are students of direct response. It’s our job to create, test, tweak and analyze. That’s the science. But I love fundraising because it’s also an art. Moving and inspiring people to give, to act, to share the amazing work of your organization. Creating joyful philanthropic experiences…


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#donorlove symphony

We talk about the “symphony” of amazing donor loverization. The concept of the symphony is that if every note is played as perfectly as possible, the collective noise will move the world. In charitable terms, that means if you focus on every appeal, every tweet, every thank you call, every exchange with your donor, and you make sure it is…



A better donor

Most charities make a classic marketing error. That error is focusing only on “selling” your cause. Donors don’t give to your charity because you convinced them to. They give to see their values put into action. They give because it makes them a better person. They give to feel better about themselves. Most charities (both…


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Voulez-vous un rendezvous?

You know when you go to a conference and you connect with people and you think “YES! THESE ARE MYYYY PEOPLE!” You feel inspired, energized, ready to conquer the world. You’re sharing ideas, nodding along, getting choked up, shaking your fists…together. You find colleagues, confidantes, friends. And you just know that your career will be…