Meeting People is Easy
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Your Agents of Good delight in travelling around the world spreading the word about all things #donorlove and emotional fundraising.

We’re proud to have presented across Canada (AFP Congress as well as local and regional AFP conferences), USA (AFP International as well as local and regional AFP conferences, Nonprofit Storytelling Conference), the UK (IOFFC), Ireland (Ask Direct Summer School), Holland (IFC) and Norway. 

In addition to conferences, we also develop tailored workshops for specific organizations or groups of organizations who bring us to their staff or board meetings or retreats or create their own mini-conferences. We curate workshops just for you: everything from presenting to your board about legacy fundraising to presenting to 20 different arts organizations at various stages in their development.

Some of our sessions are: Lessons in #donorlove, Design with Love, Write with Love, Loving your donor with direct response, 50+ ways to love your donor, Forever and a day, 15 things that will surprise you about your legacy donors, How yours can become Dale’s “favorite charity”.

Where you’ll find us soon:

#donorlove Southwest, Las Vegas (Yes, for real…), January 18-19, 2019. In collaboration with the amazing Simon Scriver (from Dublin, Ireland) and Beate Sørum (from Oslo, Norway) we have developed a 2-day Donor Love masterclass workshop which shares our combined knowledge and experience in excellent fundraising from around the world. Tickets available here.

• More #donorlove workshops, presentations and masterclasses will be announced soon.

To book us for your next conference, luncheon or charitable pep talk – email Jen or John!