What is Agents of Good?

Agents of Good is, at its heart, an idea. The idea is that we (you and me) are all Agents of Good. We work tirelessly day after day to make a difference. To be an Agent means we challenge the status quo, not for the sake of it but because we know it is the only option. It means we share what we know, not protect it like we are in the midst of a poker game. It means we stay late and argue for the things we believe in, we call BS when we see it or hear it and we spend a little more time asking “what if?” and “why?” It means we always, always, ALWAYS ask how can we put the donor — the people who care and mean the most — at the centre of all of our thinking and planning. It means working with others who can help us be better fundraisers. Agents of Good isn’t about us and them. It’s about doing better everyday. Are you an Agent of Good?
Our Agents
Portraits of Agent John, Agent Jen and Agent Holly
Jen Love & John Lepp
It’s more or less an Agents policy that we don’t spend time blathering on about ourselves—mostly because we would rather talk to you about your dreams, aspirations and challenges.

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Or better yet—let’s talk about your donors!

That being said, your eyeballs are firmly locked on this page at the moment because you likely do want us to talk about us. So fine, we can do it your way… We launched Agents of Good back in the fall of 2009 with only a few goals.

We wanted to collaborate with each other every day. We wanted to work with causes and charities that mattered. We wanted to have fun. We wanted to give donors a voice that we felt was missing. And we wanted to change what it means to be “an agency”.

We simply couldn’t do what we do without our clients. Our “Special Agents”. They rock. And we enter partnerships with clients with open minds and open hearts.

As a new client, you’ll know we aren’t big. We have no fancy office. We work from webcams, smartphones and sometimes you see and hear our kids. We work in a completely collaborative manner—we work you as hard as you work us. We give and take. We don’t believe we have all the solutions and talent in our “four walls”. We don’t have boxed solutions, or standardized retainer fees. We tailor our solutions to the needs of your cause, your donors and you, every time.

Our blog, which we have been writing since we launched, is at times cheeky, preachy, informative, insightful, funny, sad and everything in between—sort of like you, sort of like us! You will learn a lot about how and why we do what we do by reading and subscribing to it.

As you can see, our “policies” are as flexible and unstructured as we are. But you don’t have to hear about us just from us – take a minute and hear what our clients have to say about us.

David Love
David is a donor. He donates to over 40 charities, 17 of them monthly. It is his way of trying to heal our wonderful world. As a donor, he has been…

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…ignored, misspelled, mistreated, insulted and taken for granted. Occasionally, he has been treated brilliantly. David wants this to happen to all donors – all the time.

Since 1969, he has raised money thinking about the donor first. With the Agents, he’s working with other donor obessives – passionate, inspiring and committed colleagues who put donors first.

He is especially keen to bring his donor focus to the ultimate opportunity for people to heal the world and fulfill their personal mission – by leaving a legacy.

Gwen Chapman
Gwen is our donor relationship agent. She provides customized Essential Reviews to improve and maintain your donor relationships efficiently…

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and effectively so you can maximize donor retention and value.

The Essential Review is a review of donor and prospective donor touchpoints and communications, organizational activity, behaviour and policies that may impact donor relationships. The scope of the review may include a review of materials, in-depth conversations with key staff, conversations with, or surveys of, donors and volunteers.

Agent Gwen is a passionate advocate for donor-centric fundraising. When she’s not doing Essential Reviews, she works with non-profits to provide leadership, copywriting, direct mail, intermediate giving and legacy fundraising support.

Portraits of Agent John, Agent Jen and Agent Holly
Holly Paulin

Holly started working with the Agents of Good in 2012, but she’s always been an Agent at heart.

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Since graduating from the Fundraising & Volunteer Management program at Humber College, Holly has worked in annual giving, prospect research, data/technology solutions, and leadership and major gifts.

She loves what she gets to do everyday: strategic, collaborative work with amazing people at inspiring causes and organizations, who embrace the Agents’ ethos of putting the donor first… and having fun at the same time!

Lindsey Jacobs
Lindsey is an enthusiastic, well-organized and detail-oriented agent, designer and storyteller with many years of design and editorial experience.

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She expertly helps us manage multiple projects while forging unique and well executed design solutions. Her extensive design experiences help provide you (and us) design that is effective and gets results.

She is a passionate lover of typography and has a deep rooted desire to teach others the proper use of smart quotes, em dashes and four-colour blacks.

Lindsey loves colour, Twizzlers and wants to help save the world one design at a time (and so far so good!).

Mark Haak
Mark is a web designer with heart. He has been designing non profit websites for 15 years – he understands your audience…

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… and knows how to connect, inspire and motivate them to action.

Agent Mark takes the time to get to know you, your goals, your dreams and he walks you through a collaborative process, exploring options, creating solutions and presenting creative designs that reflect your unique voice and energy. He makes everything easy to understand, easy to use and provides time saving features that don’t take a lot of resources so you can focus on what you do best – serving your cause and communicating to your supporters.

Mark takes what he does to heart and has traveled to Ethiopia, Jamaica and Uganda to build schools, for clean water projects and job creation programs. And when he’s not designing he’s usually found paddling outback in Algonquin with his kids or growing organic food on his farm.

Rachel Zant
Rachel loves to write.  More particularly, she loves to write stories.  That’s why she loves working with all types of charities – they have such great stories to tell! Like many of you, Rachel knows that the…

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…most effective fundraising materials are engaging, compelling, and emotional – and overall, they tell a great story.

Rachel has been working in the fundraising world for over ten years.  She’s worked as an account director managing full-scale direct marketing campaigns for large nonprofits, and she’s worked as a freelance writer and consultant for small and medium size charities. To use a well-known phrase, ‘size doesn’t matter’ – it’s all about the quality of the story she can tell.

Rachel has been a covert Agent for about three years, writing copy for clients such as the Asthma Society of Canada, the Canadian Breast Cancer Foundation and the Canadian Foundation for Dietetic Research.

Veronica Davies
Veronica is the oil in the Agents of Good engine. Since joining us over two years ago, she has ensured that the creative projects keep moving along…

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…are designed with a delicate touch and get to print on time

She is an wonderful illustrator, avid cyclist, sometimes runner and swimmer and brings a quirky sense of humour to our studio.

Dan Banko
Dan Banko
He’s the guy with the camera in his hand. Dan Banko has over 15 years of experience in visual communication and photography.

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Classically trained as a sculptor and painter, Daniel has also been a soldier, a business coach, and a magazine publisher. He has experience working with public and private sector projects at every level, most recently working with Mohawk College, ArcelorMittal Dofasco and the City of Hamilton.

As an Agent of Good, Dan has contributed to making the world a better place by helping organizations like the United Way of Burlington and Greater Hamilton, Interval House, CNIB, CAMH, City Kidz and Today’s Family.

When he isn’t working, Dan is playing with his kids, annoying his wife, reading comic books, cycling, or making a home cooked meal while enjoying a glass of wine.