We love our clients. Our Special Agents. Without you, there would be no Agents of Good. Thank you! 

Together, we roll up our sleeves and collaborate to tell amazing stories to inspire your donors. We work every single day to empower you… you weird, wild and wonderful motley crew of brilliant (and sometimes infuriating) fundraisers we admire and respect. When you say things like “guys, you should have been there… it was an awesome moment when Mr. Fancypants actually understood the idea of thinking like a donor”, it’s high fives and fist pumps all around. When you say things like “you guys are totally in my head, rattling my cage and now I’m rattling cages up in here too”, our hearts burst. When you use real, emotional language like “love” and “hate” and you wave your arms and you cuss…then we swoon…

It’s our job to help you—our clients—to be champions for your donors within your charity. Sure, sometimes we’re there knocking heads with your Executive Director or Board Chair. But we know in our heart of hearts that it is you, our Special Agents who do the grunt work, the pushing of rocks up hills to find ways to make your donors heroes. In the grand gestures and the tiny, unforgettable touches.

It’s our favourite thing ever when the lines between the Agents (John, Jen and Holly) and you, our cherished clients (listed below), get wonderfully, delightfully, intimately blurry. When we can’t really remember who it was that spat out the perfect turn of phrase or painted the right picture that created our latest inspired fundraising campaign. We live for the fuzzy lines between us and you.

We trust you to be the experts on your donors and the impact of your donors on your cause. And you trust us to discover your next unforgettable story, build your compelling case and craft your perfect, irresistible call to action for your donors, for right now.


Current Special Agents

• Nature Canada
• Habitat for Humanity
• Ontario Nature
• Humber River Hospital Foundation
• Food Banks Canada
• Environmental Defence
• St Patrick’s Home Foundation
• The Redwood
• CODE Canada
• United Way Peel Region
• Humber College
• Nova Vita
• Hillfield Strathallan
• WorldWideQuest
• Flat Earth Direct
• Good Works
• The Arthritis Society

Past Special Agents

• Archdiocese of Regina
• Interval House
• Station Gallery
• Woodgreen
• Evergreen
• Huntington Society of Canada
• Small Change Fund
• Ask Direct
• St. John’s Rehab
• Centre for Addiction and Mental Health
• Second Harvest
• Canadian Breast Cancer Foundation
• Canadian Women’s Foundation
• Rethink Breast Cancer