Small Change Fund launched a campaign with two clear objectives:

– to celebrate successful environmental projects centered around Canada’s Boreal Forest, funded with the support of the Small Change Fund community
– to inspire people to discover other projects in the Boreal, and encourage them to take action to give or share the Voices campaign

The natural solution was a microsite, Voices of the Boreal. Microsites are ideal for campaigns like this one: about a single issue but requiring more than one page to tell the story. A simple navigation – 4 clear ways to connect – allows us to take the visitors on a specific narrative journey, without being cluttered by the navigation and content on their larger website.

The Voices microsite also allowed us to create a look and feel specific for the campaign, and not be limited to work within the visual identity of the main site. And, without the existing structure of their larger website, we could take more liberties with things like the pull-quotes, which really bring the whole concept of “voices” to life.

It’s a clean, simple and inexpensive way to launch a specific and time-limited campaign. No hosting, registration or domain fees, and you can easily link off in multiple places to the donation pages on the Small Change Fund site. On the Small Change Fund site, they created a simple landing page that echoed with the same creative as the microsite, so it’s a seamless experience for the visitor.

Voices also perfectly fit with Small Change Fund’s social media and engagement strategies – it was very natural to invite conversation and build dialogue with the community.

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