Who says direct mail is all the same? Agents believe that special mailings should be just that – special. Innovative. Memorable.

Ontario Nature is taking a leadership role in putting forward a lawsuit against developers of a building in Toronto notorious for bird strikes. Who better to write the letter than “Ruby” the hummingbird? This package also had dedicated content online – and an e-blast was sent to e-news subscribers as a conversion tool.

Highly personalized in-house versions were sent to monthly, major and intermediate donors. And Ontario Nature is among the best in the business at meaningful in-house campaigns: commemorative ‘hummingbird’ stamps plus the Agents got a customized font of the ED’s handwriting.

The results? Terrific – increase in all key performance indicators over previous years. And it’s a conversation starter: calls and emails from enthusiastic donors, as well as chats around the water cooler in the office!

You can read all about the Ruby package here at sofii.org.

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