For the past two years (and just getting started with year number 3), we have been working with Interval House on their annual “Annual Report”.

First things first, we scrapped that and called it what it really was. A “gratitude report”.

In year one, our vision was to leave donors feeling active and engaged right from the title.

Together, we walked them through each room at Canada’s first centre for abused women and children, telling positive and powerful stories that showed their gift in action. We also wanted to showcase the totally unique and sacred space that is Interval House – this is not an ‘off-the-shelf’ solution.

Our multi-channel approach based on thoughtful segmentation: postcard driving traffic to online version, e-blast driving traffic to online version, mailed hard copy.

Year two we reverted back to classic story telling, all from the perspective of one woman who moves through the Interval House, getting the help and healing she needs.

Finally, you can download the full annual reports here. 2009 has Tom Ahern’s critique comments on it, and here is 2010?s.

2009 Report 2010 Report