In 2012 we were hired by the Archdiocese of Regina to help them rejuvenate their annual appeal to their donors across the province. Our goal: lots and lots of donor love! We wanted to take the time to draw clear lines to how their past support has mattered and helped.

This video truly was a collaborative effort. Christina Attard and her team at the Archdiocese got a crash course in shooting, lighting and recording video while we edited the footage using iMovie—a consumer app. The result is a not-so-pro but gratitude and story-filled video that many donors loved. One donor was so moved, it resulted in a $25,000 gift.

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Client Testimonial

“Working with Agents of Good isn’t about simply handing off a project and being handed back a campaign that doesn’t really speak your organization’s language. Working with Jen Love and John Lepp is about becoming part of their agency and them becoming part of your team – it’s collaborative, there’s room for discussion and everyone brings their expertise to the table to come up with finding unique solutions that put your donors at the centre of your fundraising campaigns. In our case, our 2012 and 2013 annual fund campaigns weren’t about being ‘bleeding edge’ in terms of using the latest digital fundraising technology or design, but rather about starting with the basic elements that were already working for our donors and executing them in a way that was fresh and more effective than they had been in the past.”

– Christina Attard