Agents of Good are fierce and uncompromising donor champions. Bringing both rigour and creativity to every project, they challenge their clients to question organizational assumptions that compromise not only #donorlove, but also donor respect. They have helped us to give donors a stronger voice in our organization, to revitalize our culture of philanthropy through storytelling, and in the process they have challenged me to become a better fundraiser.

Juniper Locilento, CFRE Director, Annual Giving, YMCA of Greater Toronto

I first heard about the Agents of Good during a webinar where I listened to John critique a direct mail pack. I remember thinking that it would be pretty intimidating to be on the receiving end of John’s brutally honest DM commentary.  Turns out, getting that kind of feedback is a game-changer.  The Agents cut through clutter, jargon and ego to help create authentic and meaningful communications designed to make donors feel awesome about giving.  (The fact that donorlove boosts donor retention and revenue almost feels like a fringe benefit.) They were flexible in finding a way to work with us that fit our budget and needs.  The Agents are generous with their expertise which helps create better communications and better fundraisers.  It’s a real treat to work with them.

Jacqueline Bell, Senior Development Officer, Direct Marketing

On The Importance of Being Earnest

Google says the definition of earnest is resulting from or showing sincere and intense conviction. Not a bad definition for Ask Direct’s Fundraising Summer School last week, held in Oscar Wilde’s beautiful Dublin. My personal highlight reel of #ADFSS16 can be nutshelled with “earnest”. First, our curator. The one and only Damian. Summer School was…

Mother’s Day

Show and tell. We were asked by Habitat for Humanity Waterloo Region to come up with a gratitude video for their donors just in time for Mother’s Day. Our goal was to create a short video featuring some of the real moms and kids that have been helped by donors in the past few years. Thanks…

Afternoon Love Affair

What are you doing Thursday, January 28th at noon? Wait. Let me rephrase that. Whatever you are doing on Thursday, January 28th at noon can’t possibly be something better than an afternoon love affair! Join me as part of the #DonorLove webinar series to share a 5-year Case Study featuring the creative, storytelling and results…