Agents Academy

What is the Agents Academy?

It’s whatever you want it to be!

Maybe you want to revitalize your direct response program, but you don’t know where to start. Or you’d like some insight on how to get the best nuggets of emotion from your program recipient or donor interviews.

Maybe you’d like to chat about new ways to segment your donor list, or ideas on how to best test a new approach. Or you’d like to know 5 things you could do right now to make your creative better.

The Agents Academy is a coaching and mentoring program where you can access strategic guidance, practical support and interactive counsel on inspired, emotional fundraising. You choose your area(s) of discipline: focusing on your next fundraising appeal from start to finish, ways to grow your outreach list, a fundraising/communications audit, refining your URG (Unique Reason to Give), donor retention, monthly giving, major gifts, donor acquisition, legacies, design and writing—it’s all completely up to you. You set your scope and timeline and we schedule a series of conversations to coach you through your project.

You’ll harness the full power of our Agents of Good collective—an awesome network of donor champions, thought leaders and specialists of fundraising from around the world. You’ll access strategies, emerging trends and practical ways to apply them today, tomorrow and into your future.

So whether it’s right up close on the ground, or taking a step back and looking at your programs from space, your Agents of Good will work with you to provide the customized solutions you need.

And of course, we’ll infuse it with #donorlove, creativity and fun. ‘Cause that’s just how we roll!

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