This was our first year of designing the report to donors for Toronto’s Redwood. We quickly focused on who the Redwood is. It is the donor. But it’s not just the donor, it’s the board member, it’s the fundraiser, the executive director, the women who are helped. There are many members to this tribe, and we wanted them all acknowledged. The Redwood could not be without them and they all matter. For a look at the final pdf, you can download it below. You can also see the annual report online.

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Client Testimonial

“Agents of Good really took the time to understand the nuances of our organization – they got right to the heart of our values, and our vision of a world where all women and children are free from violence. To borrow the words of a Child and Youth Counsellor here at the shelter, “when I read what they wrote, I felt like they could see inside my head!”. While the agents may or may not have real x-ray vision, they must have some sort of superpower that enabled them to really get us – and to do it faster than a speeding bullet!”

– Emma Lewzey, CFRE,
Fundraising Manager, The Redwood