What's your URG?

USP – Unique Selling Position

Fancy marketing term that helps you figure out what you do best.

URG – Unique Reason to Give

The Agents’ version of USP, which is about why you and your charity are the very best and what you do, why no one else can do what you do, and how your donors are vital to your success.

Our URG sessions are framed around the specific needs of each organization. From a half-day session to a two-day workshop, key staff and/or board members join us for a facilitated, energetic conversation to help you express your URG. And leave you with an understanding that your job is to ask donors, “What can I help you fix today?” We help you craft your “elevator conversation”, and develop provocative, attainable fundraising offers for your core groups of supporters: new donors, getting that all-important second gift, monthly conversion messaging, and, ultimately your legacy positioning. At the end of your session(s) we present to you a “Sphere of Impact” created with all input and will give you and your charity a fresh and useful reference to how you communicate with your donors – at all levels.

This is our Sphere diagram – it represents how you connect to people and inspire them to support you. Outside the circle is the universe of potential donors for you – people who care about what you do. The centre of the circle is your URG: your unique reason to give. And from an acquisition offer through to thoughtful legacy correspondence, each and every contact with your donors is illuminated by your URG, and brought to life with strong, clear offers.